5 cheap snacks you have to try in Amsterdam

1. Croquettes from Febo

There is nothing more convenient that buying crisp hot croquettes from a wall of vending machines, and for 1.80 – 2.20 they are some of the cheapest snacks in town! Here is our story of finding Febo…

2. Herring from Stubbe Haring

Herring is wildly popular in the Netherlands, try it as the locals enjoy it – raw! For 3.50 you can get a good sized piece with raw onions and pickle. Amsterdam street food: Herring

3. Chips from ChipsyKing

You can’t go to Amsterdam without trying the chips! For 2.50 you can get a decent sized cone. A classic Dutch serving, the  Patatje Oorlog is chips with mayo, sate sauce and onions.

4. Pancakes from The Pancake Bakery

Arrive early or face a long queue! Not the cheapest place on the list but they serve a huge selection of pancakes with all kinds of toppings, and the 11 euro breakfast deal is a perfect way to start the day.

5. Cheese from The Amsterdam Cheese Museum

A cheese themed museum that has a giant cheese shop in the entrance. There are all kinds of cheeses on sale here, and plenty of free samples to gorge yourself on!


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