5 quirky museums to check out in Amsterdam

1. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum

One of the smallest and quirkiest museums in the city, this place tells the story of Tulip growing in the Netherlands with some interesting and funny displays. Entry is 5 euros or 3 euros for students. Tulip Museum website

2. The Houseboat Museum

An interesting insight into life on a houseboat, here you can look around an authentic Amsterdam home for 4.50. It’s a great place to spend an hour and enjoy a coffee on board. Houseboat museum website.

3. The Amsterdam Cheese Museum

Another great small museum to have a look out for, the cheese museum is just next door to the Tulip Museum. Inside there is s cheese emporium with stacks of free samples and clog wearing cheese experts to tell you everything about cheese in the Netherlands. Cheese Museum website.

4. The Cow Museum

A part of the Cow Parade art project worldwide, the Amsterdam Cow Museum has a huge amount of information on the sculptures and mini souvenir  cows to take home. Cow Museum on facebook.

5. Rembrandt’s House

The fully reconstructed house that Rembrandt lived and painted in is well worth a visit. Here you can see his studios as they were when he left them, and there is a huge connected gallery of his work. Rembrandt Huis website.

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