little gems; the Amsterdam tulip museum

Across the canal from the Anne Frank Huis on Prinsengracht, there is a small nicely decorated shop front filled with flowers – this is the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. At first glance it simply looks like a large flower shop as apart from the sign outside there isn’t much evidence of a museum. The ground floor sells a variety of tulip bulbs and every item you could imagine in a tulip themed gift shop.


Beyond the shop, however, there is one of the smallest and quirkiest museums in the city. Our pictures cannot do justice to the place, which is worth the 5 euro entry on the Monty Python style information videos alone.

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In a relatively small space the museum covers the history of Tulip growing in The Netherlands, hilariously explains the ‘Tulip Mania’ that swept Holland in the 16th Century through song and has some interesting displays about modern Tulip farming. The whole museum takes about half an hour to explore and it isn’t too busy so is well worth a look!



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