10 cocktails to try now the sun is (almost) shining!

Spring is finally, here (although you would be forgiven for not noticing!). And that means that drinking cocktails in the sun is now almost a legally mandated activity, so with that in mind, here are 10 cocktails to try next time the sun is out!

1. Honey and Basil Mojito

A stylish twist on the classic where Basil takes the place of Mint leaves and Honey replaces the sugar – you can almost say that this is a healthy option for sipping!

Honey & Basil


Muddle 6 lime wedges with 12 basil leaves in the bottom of a tall glass, add 50ml of white rum and 20ml of honey syrup. Fill the glass 3/4 full of crushed ice and stir. Top up the crushed ice and add a splash of soda.

2. Mai Tea

A perfect brew of rum, Earl Grey and pineapple. This is a great British twist on the Tiki classic, and perfect for a boozy afternoon tea.

Mai Tea.jpg


Add 25ml white rum, 25ml gold rum, 12.5ml Cointreau, 25ml lime juice, 25ml pineapple juice, 50 ml Earl Grey tea and 12.5ml sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into a mug filled with crushed ice.

3. The Chilli Jam

A perfect mix of sweet and spice gives you some tingling refreshment and with only four ingredients it’s an easy one to put together!

The Chilli Jam.jpg


Add 50ml of vodka, 1/3 muddled red chilli, 25ml lemon juice and 3 spoons of strawberry jam to a cocktail shaker and shake well. Fine strain into a chilled martini glass and enjoy!

4. Fig Roll Sour

A fun twist on the classic Whisky Sour this is a great little concoction to enjoy and you can have it with a fig roll on the side to soak up some of that booze!

Fig Roll Sour.jpg


Add 40ml Scotch, 20ml Creme de Figue, 25ml lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup, 10ml gingerbread syrup and 1 egg white to a cocktail shaker. Shake well to ensure a frothy mix and strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a fig roll or 10.

5. A Grapes Progress

I don’t know about you but I like my cocktails with a Hogarth pun in the name… A grapes progress is made with Grapes, Prosecco and Cognac so it follows 3 different stages of a grape in its boozy glory.

A Grapes Progress.jpg


Muddle 8 red grapes in your cocktail shaker, add 40ml cognac, 15ml Orgeat syrup and shake. Fine strain into a martini glass and top up with prosecco.

6. Black Forest Julep

A simple twist on the classic of the American South. Sipping this mix of bourbon, chocolate and berries will make you yearn to be sitting on a porch watching the world go by…

Black Forest Julep.jpg


Add 12 mint leaves, 50ml bourbon, 20ml sugar syrup and crushed ice into a julep cup (or rocks glass) fill 3/4 full with crushed ice and stir. Top up the crushed ice and pour 15ml of Creme de Mures and 15ml Mozart Dark Chocolate liqueur over the top and garnish with a big sprig of mint.

7. Two Berry Shake

Sunshine + Milkshakes = a good day. This simple and boozy milkshake is a great sweet treat, and the berries on the side definitely count towards your 5 a day. Probably.

Two Berry Shake.jpg


Muddle 2 raspberries and 2 blackberries into your cocktail shaker. Add 25ml vanilla vodka, 15ml Creme de Fraise, 15ml Creme de Mure, 50ml milk, 25ml cream and shake gently. Fine strain into a martini glass and garnish with more berries!

8. Cinnamon Grog

If you’re not drinking rum like a pirate, should you really be drinking rum at all? This deliciously simple mix of cinnamon, rum and water is the perfect way to channel your inner Jack Sparrow.

Cinnamon Grog.jpg


Stir 50ml of gold rum with 20ml cinnamon syrup and 20ml water over ice in a rocks glass and serve with a cinnamon stick.

9. Miami Vice

Two cocktails in one! This drink is the ultimate in refreshment and also the bringer of brain freeze – basically a frozen Pina Colada and a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri in the same glass. Awesome.

Miami Vice.jpg


Add 37.5ml white rum, 12.5ml coconut rum, 50ml pineapple juice, 25ml coconut cream and 1 cup of crushed ice to a blender. Blend until thick, pour into a jug and place it in the fridge until later. Then add 50ml white rum, a handful of fresh strawberries, 25ml lime juice, 25ml sugar syrup and 1 cup of crushed ice to a blender and blend until thick.

Take the jug our of the fridge and pour both into a large glass from either side at the same time in order to get the drinks to separate in the glass. Serve with a straw on each side and enjoy the best of both!

10. Springtime Slush

Another great boozy blended cocktail to enjoy in the sun! This can be sipped or eaten depending on how desperate you are to enjoy it.

Springtime Slushie.jpg


Add 50ml vanila vodka, 50ml cream, 6 raspberries and 2 strawberries to a blender with 1 cup of crushed ice. Blend until thick – if you need to thicken it more add a little more crushed ice. Serve in an ice cream pot and decide whether you need straws or spoons!

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