The Brussels phone ‘museum’

For anyone familiar with telecommunications before 2001 the sight of a Nokia 3210 will be a welcome reminder that at one point mobiles had a three day battery life and the ability to vanquish all that stood before it. For those who are not, a visit to the Brussels phone ‘museum’ is worthwhile. Not in any interpretation of the word is this place an actual museum, it is in fact a pawn shop near the forecourt of Brussels Midi (south) station. In a small window is the ‘museum’ which houses a number of phones from yesteryear – even the ones with Ariel’s that our parents owned in the mid 90’s! The ‘museum is nothing to go out of your way for – but do look out for it if you happen to be speeding between a train and the metro as it can give you a second or two’s worth of intrigue.


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