Platt Hall Gallery of Costume

On a particularly hot and lazy Sunday afternoon Sarah and I decided to go for a picnic in Platt fields park in Manchester near where we are living at the moment. On the edge of the park is a large Georgian mansion which houses the Platt Hall Costume Gallery – a free and rather cool collection of various clothes and fashions from yesteryear.


Entry to the museum is free, and although it is currently undergoing an extensive renovation meaning the majority is closed. However, there were still plenty of things to look at. The temporary exhibit featured the work of renowned designer Elsa Schiaparelli. This collection had a great selection of dresses and various outfits from the 1930’s along with some really interesting information about her life and work.

Further along in the museum there were some more general displays of historical costume from the 1700s onwards – this included some items belonging to the original owners of the grand house that the museum is situated in. Mainly displayed on faceless mannequins, the clothes are fascinating to look at, however, for anyone who has even casually seen an episode of Dr Who the mannequins will seem suspicious!

Overall for something to do on a Sunday afternoon the costume gallery is a great shout, if you have the good fortune to be in Manchester on one of those rare sunny days you can bring a picnic and make the most of Platt Fields Park at the same time! You can check out the website here.

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