Mannekin Pis

Oddly, one of the most famous and celebrated tourist attractions in Belgium is the Mannekin Pis, a three foot something statue of a small naked boy urinating. It’s so well known that it’s on literally hundreds of postcards, key rings, posters and shirts in the tourist shops around the centre of the city.

The thing that really did strike us about the statue when we went to see it was just how tiny it is! If it weren’t signposted so clearly, and didn’t have such a huge crowd constantly around then we would have easily walked straight past it!


If you manage to squeeze past the large crowd that usually gathers from 9am – 6pm you will see the statue in all its glory. We were surprised to see that on this occasion it was dressed in the Belgium football kit. It turned out that the statue is dressed in various items of clothing to correspond to big national events, in this case euro 2016 coming up.


Although it’s just a tiny statue, it’s really worth checking out the Mannekin Pis! With its image being used all around Brussels on things ranging from chip shops to tattoo parlours you might as well see the real thing as well!

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