Belgian food; some of our favourites!

1. Mussels!
It’s a nice thing to say you’ve had mussels in Brussels, it’s even nicer to be actually having them! This Belgian classic is a must try when visiting! For around 18 euros you get an enormous portion with frites on the side with the choice of a variety of styles. I went for the classic style with white wine and was full for the rest of the day!

2. Waffles.
You’ve not been to Belgium unless you’ve had the waffles! The classic waffle is supposed to have twenty squares in it – although we never got to finish counting as we couldn’t resist stuffing our faces with it for long enough!

3. Frites.
Belgian frites are an absolute must try in Belgium! Our favourites were the classic with ketchup, mayo and onions – they are seriously addictive!

4. Croquettes.
More of a northern Belgian thing, we had so many in Ostend! They are crispy gooey little bites of heaven!

5. Grilled herring!
Another delicacy we found in northern Belgium, the crispy skin and crumbly insides make this a snack you cannot get enough of! We had so much that we were fit to burst by the end of our trip!

6. Chocolate!
You can’t go to Belgium – you seriously CAN’T go to Belgium without having tasted the chocolate! It’s some of the best in the world and there are chocolatiers literally everywhere! Do as we did and buy as much as you can carry!



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