The Sailors Reading Rooms

A short walk from Southwald Pier along the front there is a quaint Victorian building with a small mast and flag set up outside, from the hours of 9am until ‘dusk’ the door is open and a sign outside welcomes visitors. This is the Southwald Sailors Reading Rooms, a small clubhouse for sailors and members in Southwald. The space was built to provide a space for sailors to go while ashore to read, play games and relax.

13493455_10157054806435273_1587897113_o (1).jpg

In the main space, which seems o serve as a library/museum there is an array of maritime paraphernalia along with a few well stocked book cases and some slightly tired looking easy chairs. It is fascinating to look around the rooms to get a sense of the towns proud sailing history, there are plenty of mementos dotted around about local sailors and famous local ships.

Entry to the rooms is free, although for access to all of the facilities such as a snooker room and a private garden you must become a member which costs £12 a year.

Despite being one of the smallest places to visit in Southwald, the Sailors Reading Room is well worth a visit and it gives you a great sense of the maritime heritage of the town!



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