flying long haul, our top tips

Exotic places, by their general definition, are a long way away, and the sad fact of that for most of us is that we will be faced with a long and uncomfortable flight in economy. Long haul flights will never be pleasant, but we have a few tips to make it a little bit better.

1) Bring flight clothes:

Making a little bit of room in your hand luggage for a change of clothes to fly in is a lifesaver. Packing a pair of comfy joggers and a lose t-shirt that you can change into on the plane will make sitting in the same seat for hours just a little more bearable.

2) Buy a big bottle of water!

Seems obvious, but an important one to remember, although there are plenty of refreshments on the plane it’s important to stay hydrated! Having your own instead of relying on the flight attendants makes it considerably more comfortable.

3) Stretch your legs.

Make sure you get up and have a little wander, it breaks the monotony of sitting down for so long and you generally feel a bit better with a little excersise.

4) Be friendly!

Goes without saying, but then again it doesn’t. Even though long distance flying is annoying and you can easily get a bit hot and bothered, remember the people around you are going to be around you for a considerable time – so being ratty with them will make the flight feel a lot longer than it needs to. Have a big smile when you’re talking to your flight attendant, they’ll be more inclined to help you if you’re nice!

5) Plan your entertainment.

Don’t just go for the first film you see and then search again when it’s finished. Have a good look at what’s on there, and make a plan of what you want to watch. That way you can block out how long your journey will be and have things to look forward to watching.

6) Earplugs!

The white noise is always deafening, these always help you sleep just a little better.

7) Don’t go crazy with carry on!

Unless you have no checked luggage, try to avoid bringing bulky carry on which will need to be stowed in the overhead. That way you can make sure you are ready to disembark before everyone else, meaning less time standing around and you’ll be at the front of any queues at the airport.

8) Use your time well!

Think about it, you have hours to sit and do nothing, bring a pen, some paper and make some plans! You can jot down some last minute itineries and start getting excited for your trip!

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