Packing for South East Asia; our top tips!

Packing for any big trip an be a stress, and if you’re like is then you might generally leave it to the last minute! Here are some of our best bits of advice that we have learned over time to help it be a little easier.

1) Pack less!

The first rule you should remember when packing for Asia – if you don’t think you NEED it, you probably don’t. While it’s tempting to take all of your home comforts, remember that you will end up buying things out there – and will need lots of room for that!

2) Roll, don’t fold!

This saves so much space in your backpack and makes it so much easier to carry more!

3) Separate!

If you make sure you organise all of your clothes by category and keep them separate in plastic bags it makes life so much easier later on eg. Bag of tops, bag of shorts, bag of underwear – you can easily find what’s important and not have to re pack your bags every time you get to a guesthouse. Plus you can fit more because the bags slide in next to each other instead of having lots of friction between your clothes.

4) Don’t overdo it with toiletries!

Everyone has their favourite brand of shampoo and deodorant, but remember there are plenty of places to buy these things when you arrive! Unless it’s something that you really need then the best advice is to do without!

5) Pack a comfortable change of clothes in your hand luggage.

Southeast Asia is far away, and that means one very long flight! To make sure you don’t feel like a sticky mess when you arrive keep a quick change handy so you can have a little freshen up either on the flight or at the airport.

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