One of Thailand’s most famous exports is the Thai massage, notorious for its painful execution. It was naturally quite high on the list of things to try our once we arrived! It wasn’t too hard to find a somewhere – with the streets around Khao San being filled with dozens of various massage places. We were a little nervous to jump straight into getting the full Thai massage and far too tired to be dealing with any kind of painful process so instead we opted for foot rubs on the street.

The foot rub began with a masseuse washing down our feet in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then we were given a gentle foot rub which was really relaxing, with loads of different smelling oils being put on our feet. It’s quite an odd experience, sitting on garden loungers in rows getting massaged next to strangers. I joked that it was a more relaxing version of Victorian gentleman catching up while having their shoes shined. After half an hour the massage was done, they had thrown in a leg and then shoulder rub for good measure. For 150thb it felt well worth it and my feel felt so much better for it.

The next day I was feeling a little more adventurous and suggested a Thai massage. After a little bit of persuading we want to get one. The price was the same as a foot rub for half an hour, but instead of the garden loungers on the street we were taken to a small room inside. The masseuse then began the Thai massage, which I can only describe as rather painful! It involved a lot of pressing very hard on my joints, being stood on and having my back cracked in every way it would crack. I left feeling sore but also like I was almost floating. There was something in having the massage, and it made me feel really relaxed.

Although not for the faint hearted, I do have to recommend trying a Thai massage, it’s an experience unlike anything else! Despite the painful way it’s conducted the end results are amazing! It’s well worth a try if you are visiting Thailand. And, it goes without saying – make sure you visit somewhere that is recommended – don’t be sold a ‘massage’ from any shady guys on the street at night!

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