Street food, our first Thai taste…

Whether it’s a plate of Pad Thai, a stick of sweet chilli beef or a coconut full of ice cream, nowhere seems to quite do street food like Thailand!

Wandering the streets of any town or city in the country you seem to find a huge variety of stalls selling a variety of snacks and delicacies which cost less than a chocolate bar back home! When we arrived in Bangkok the first thing we did was to try out the Pad Thai, finding a stall to buy some was easy, pretty much on the doorstep of our hotel. It was 55thb for a plate and tasted sublime – fried noodles with egg and chicken, with crushed nuts and chilli to add! Thinking that it cost just over a pound to have such amazing and freshly made food was quite something to get used to! We sat at a table on the street to enjoy it and when we were ready moved on to find more to stuff ourselves with (we had built up quite a hunger from the flight from the UK)

Next we found some small stalls barbecuing sticks of beef and pork for 10thb. These tasted amazing! Coated in sweet chilli and cooked until a little crispy they were served on a stick – we ended up buying a few each and wandered the streets of Bangkok looking at some of the stalls selling clothes and assorted trinkets.

After the spice of the Pad Thai and chilli beef we were big in need of something to cool us off! This is when we found a woman selling ice cream from the back of a cart attached to her scooter. For 40bht we were given some large scoops of vanilla ice cream inside a half a coconut covered in condensed milk and chocolate sauce. It was incredible! The perfect thing to take the edge off the spice.

From there we started to feel the effects of jet lag and a full belly so headed off to bed, deciding to come back in the morning for breakfast! The next morning we found a stall selling fresh fruit salads and smoothies – a perfect start!

After an amazing first experience of Thai street food we both decided it’s our new favourite way of eating! There’s nothing quite like having streets filled with small snacks waiting to be eaten!

A tale of caution for those who venture into thailands Street Snack Ville. Some stalls will have lots of flies around the food, be careful of what you order, especially if there is a make-shift shop front hiding food preparation from view. Pre-cut fruits are a tasty snack for bugs as well as people!

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