The steel art of Georgetown

If you spend a few hours walking around the streets of Georgetown, Penang, you will begin to notice a unique form of street art. This comes in the form of wire statues that are dotted around the sights of historical significance. They are often a humorous depiction of whatever the historical use of the area was – for example on Lovers Lane, a street frequented by rich gentlemen to visit their mistresses, there is a large wore statue showing an angry wife looking for her husband.

The statues were commissioned by the local government in a bid to increase tourism and point out sites of interest. It’s a great way of pointing out interesting landmarks – and definitely makes nicer viewing than the blue plaques that don historical buildings in the UK! There are currently about 50 of a planned 100 and are all around Georgetown so are pretty easy to spot once you get used to keeping an eye out for them!

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