5 must eats in Penang!

Known as Malaysia’s capital of food Penang is a must go to foodie destination! Here are some of our favourite dishes!



This traditional Malaysian desert is made out of red beans, pea flower strands and shaved ice, tossed in palm sugar syrup and sprinkled with more sugar. It is very sweet and after getting used to the idea of what you would usually consider a savoury snack being served sweet it is great to eat!

Char Kway Teow


This classic Malaysian dish made of noodles, prawns, clams, chilli, bean sprouts and egg is a little like Pad Thai, and like Pad Thai it is cometary addictive!

Laksa Asam


This is a famous Malaysian dish, and apparently the best is found in Penang! It’s a fishy soup with flat rice noodles and greens. It’s got a sour and punchy fish taste and is pretty unforgettable!

Fried Oysters


The famous Penang fried oyster dish is made very simply o fried oysters and fried omelette pieces served with a hot chilli dip. It’s not the most filling dish on the list but it is seriously tasty!



Chicken, pork, lamb or beef, these sticks of meat coated in a chilli and peanut sauce are known the world over as an absolutely addictive snack! It’s great to grab a few different sticks from hawkers to start snacking in between mains at coffee shops!

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