The Petronas Towers

One of the most iconic sights of Kuala Lumpur the Petronas Towers which have dominated the skyline since 1998 and are the tallest twin structures in the world. They played a central role in Shaun Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones’ bank heist in the great 90s film entrapment – so naturally we had to go and see them! The towers are in the financial district and have can be easily reached by the KL Rapid train via the KLCC station. You exit the station into a gigantic luxurious shopping mall which has more designer stores than you can shake a stick at, it was somewhere we quickly realised we couldn’t afford to be! We quickly left the mall and were met with our first view of the towers. Looking up they loomed over us, making me dizzy trying to see the top!


At the foot of the towers there is a large open plaza with fountains and a swarm of tourists trying to get the perfect picture. To help in the quest for the perfect snap there is a legion of vendors peddling selfie sticks and fish eye lenses for around 30rm. After several attempts on my phone to get the whole building in frame I caved and bought a lens – although I did talk the seller down to 15rm. This gave me the shot I was after! Although later Sarah showed me how to do a panoramic shot of it that would have saved the money!

We grabbed a spot at the far end of the plaza and decided to wait out the swarms of tourists to get a good picture, and also to wait for sunset to see the magnificent view of the towers illuminated.

When the sun went down the towers completely transformed from impressive to absolutely beautiful! Looking at the way they dominate the skyline is breathtaking. They are an absolute must see in KL.

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