The Cameron Highlands

Standing at around 1524m above sea level with a constantly cool climate the Cameron Highlands are one of Malaysia’s most stunning locations. It’s a region filled with tea plantations, strawberry, honey, and butterfly farms set high above dense jungle. Getting there is easy but takes some time, a bus from Penang costs around 43rm or from Kuala Lumpur costs 35. It is a 6 hour journey which involves some very windy single track roads.

There are a few towns in the highlands and a lot of hotels. The latest town is Tanah Rata and here there are several guest houses, hotels and restaurants. Two of the best guest houses in town are fathers guesthouse and Gerald’s place. They have been serving backpackers and many other kinds of travellers for years! Costing around 85rm a night they are some of the friendliest places to stay. Around town there is some amazing and cheap food – with lots of street food establishments selling Malaysian and South Indian food for between 3 – 10rm.

The best activity in the highlands is hiking! There are so many incredible treks through jungle that it’s worth a few days and a good pair of boots to explore! Then there are the tea plantations and other farms to explore with their stunning views and delicious produce! It’s an area well worth exploring and is like nothing else you will see in South East Asia!

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