Budget hotels in KL, our cautionary tale!

Booking a hotel in a new city can have its challenges; you don’t know the area, you’re not entirely sure of how much things should cost, and you generally are just a little unsure of the what to expect. It’s fairly straightforward to overcome these challenges with the easy access to online booking sights, reviews etc. Normally by making sure you’ve read a few reviews, googled the area a little and compared prices the you can be sure that you won’t end up staying in a flea pit. However, sometimes you can just be unlucky.

On arrival to Kuala Lumpur, Sarah and I were unlucky. We had been staying in a lovely guesthouse in the Cameron Highlands and had been enjoying the jungle treks and tea plantations around us. The time came for us to leave, but we had been having a little bit of trouble finding somewhere to stay in KL (the wifi had been awful). We eventually found some good wifi and then booked ourselves a room. We used hotels.com to find somewhere in KL but we’re in a bit of a hurry because of the intermittent wifi. We found the 33 star hotel online, a 2 star hotel that had a 3 out of 5 on trip advisor costing around What we didn’t give ourselves time to read them or see how many reviews there were!

After arriving in KL and finding the hotel we quickly realised we had not done nearly enough research on the place! It was a dump. To get in you had to walk through a rough and ready food court, then up two flights of stairs and eventually to a roach infested reception. We checked in and were shown to our ‘deluxe room’ which came complete with blood stained sheets, a leaking shower cubicle and some very strange smells. In a nutshell, it was grim. We had arrived late in KL and hadn’t checked in until gone midnight so we knew that we were unlikely to find any alternative that we would have been able to stay in that night. Instead we opted to try and get a little shut eye and the moment we woke up to go to use the wifi at Starbucks and figure something out from there! Despite having booked for two nights we didn’t care about losing one of them! It was not a comfortable night!

We did manage to just about get a few hours sleep and hurriedly left the next morning. We decided to take the experience as a lesson – never book a hotel in a hurry! From now on we have decided to always make sure that we read the reviews and done a little more homework on where we book to stay!

2 thoughts on “Budget hotels in KL, our cautionary tale!

  1. Oh, yes, research is well worth it! I was just in KL a few weeks ago, thankfully staying in a friends’ apartment, but we drove by a hotel that was offering 29 RM per night rates and it looked really, really shady indeed. Price isn’t always the biggest concern!
    One time my husband and I stayed in a hostel inside ChungKing Mansions in Hong Kong–we had read the reviews, which said, “You get what you pay for”–but we didn’t realize quite how bad of a reputation ChungKing Mansions has….it was scary. Definitely something we’ll never, ever do again!

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    1. Very true! After that night we decided that the stupidly cheap rates weren’t always a saving, and to always read more than a couple of reviews!
      Wow I guess location research is very important too – its easy to end up somewhere a little mote sketchy than you’d imagine!


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