1-Altitude drinking on top of Singapore!

Located amongst the high rises of downtown Singapore is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world. 1 Altitude is at the top of 1 Raffles Square and has the most stunning views of Singapore! We were told about the bar by a lovely German couple we met in the Cameron Highlands and were keen to check it out!

It opens at 6pm every evening and costs between $20 – 30 for entry which includes a drink. The price is a little steep but the views are worth it! As a bar it is a little lacking, with fairly poorly made cocktails and over priced beer available in plastic glasses, but the view is what you really pay for here!

We found a table and waited for the sun to go down to see the city light up. Seeing a Singapore sunset from this height was absolutely stunning. We stayed around for a couple of hours as the roof began to fill up and the music got louder. It seems that Altitude 1 is a pretty popular night spot, sadly one that at £21 a beer we couldn’t afford to be in for too long! We left to have a stroll around the city at night time both agreeing that we were thrilled to have had the chance to see the city from so high up!

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