Indonesian food, our top 5

After a month of gorging ourselves in Thailand and Malaysia we moved on to Indonesia an were excited to see what was on offer! Here are our top 5 favourites;

Nasi Goering

A mix of fried rice and vegetables combined with a fried egg on top makes the perfect breakfast food in this part of the world. It definitely set us up for a few long days!

Gado Gado

The healthy element of steamed vegetables combined with the delicious element of spicy peanut dressing makes this one killer side dish in any Indonesian meal!

Beef Rendang

The mix of some seriously hot chilli, garlic, shallots, coconut and a whole heap of other spices all reduced down over charred beef makes this traditional Balinese dish absolutely irresistible!


Beef, chicken, lamb, goat, duck, squid, fish – the list goes on. If you can put it on a stick you can probably make sate out of it – we got seriously addicted to this!


For the longest time we couldn’t figure out what Tempe actually was! We still can’t quite work it out – all I can describe it as is a kind of nutty tofu style food which when deep fried and seasoned with some spices tastes absolutely out of this world! It quickly became our go to snack and we are currently scouring places to find it!

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