Surfing in Kuta!

Something that we had to try while staying in Bali was surfing! We were saying near the famous Kuta beach for a few days and it would have been rude to not grab a board and try to catch a wave! However, neither of us knew how to surf… I had actually been a little sneaky and booked surf lessons as a surprise for Sarah’s birthday so had made sure we timed our arrival to Kuta with this.

I had booked us a days lesson at Oddessy’s surf school which came highly recommended, and came with a guarantee of standing up on the board or another days surfing free. They picked us up from our hotel and we arrived at the surf school. The first thing to do was to change uni our board shorts and the rash vests they had provided – apparently despite the heat of Bali it is a good idea to surf in a long sleeved vest to protect yourself from the sun and from getting a rash from the board.

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We were then issues with our boards and taken to the beach. The First part of our lesson was conducted on the beach learning how to stand up correctly on the board and how to paddle. After our teacher had decided we had mastered these things on dry land it was time to give it a go in the water!

As it was our first lesson we were told to not go out too deep – and stay mainly in shoulder depth water. Our teacher then identified suitable waves and would then primarily shout loud encouragement as we madly paddled to try to catch them! After many attempts and more than a few mouthfuls of salt water we both managed to catch a wave! Even though the waves were small and the water was shallow it was very exciting to stand on the board for the first time and then to be able to repeat it!

The lesson ended after about two more hours in the ocean, catching waves and falling off our boards! We were absolutely exhausted by the end of it but thrilled to have had such a fun day!

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