Making friends and seeing some cool sights in Matram

After an incredible week on the Gili Islands we found ourselves in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. This was a place we had planned to spending roughly two nights and then to move on. These plans however got a little ruined by a fever I picked up which left us stuck there while I recovered.

Trying to make the most of a bad situation we went for some short walks around the area where our hotel was based, and to our delight it turned out to be an absolutely stunning area. We had heard the previous night that there must be quite a few mosques in the area, walking around we saw that indeed there were! Almost everywhere we turned we saw more and more decorated domes and minarets.

The back streets were a warren of small shops and houses which were great to wander around. We found that as we were walking we had began to accumulate an ever growing group of local kids who were following us, then freezing and giggling whenever we looked around!

We thought the sight of us with an ever growing group of kids behind us must have looked a little ridiculous around these narrow streets! After a little while the sun started to go down and our newly formed gang dispersed, we headed back to our hotel and I headed off to bed to shake off what was left of my fever!

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