Sunday walking street

Every Sunday the centre of Chiang Mai is transformed and a sprawling night market takes over the usually traffic filled roads! This is Sunday walking street. We had heard about this from several locals and also seen it listed on almost every town map, so at 6pm (the start time) we headed down to see what all of the fuss was about.

When we arrived we could clearly see that it wasn’t a small affair – virtually the whole of the old town was packed with people and stalls selling a huge mix of clothing, crafts and gadgets. We walked for a while around the stalls soaking in the atmosphere and looking for bargains. It was noticeably cheaper than a lot of markets we had been during our time in Thailand – most noticeably everything seemed about half the price that it was in Bangkok. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed!

I bought myself a few bits, mainly to replace clothes that after two months of heavy use were starting to look a little tatty. We then spent a little time searching for some food – this we found in abundance, mainly dotted around the temples located by the walking street! We liked how the temples around the city centre seemed to be so actively involved in the Sunday walking street – the whole event seemed to really bring the city together.

After a few more hours and some very tired feet we eventually decided to call it a night. We were pretty heavily laden with new purchases and regretted not being in the city for another week or two to have more time to shop over the coming Sunday’s.



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