Ice Cream Rolls! The ‘coolest’ snack in Siem Reap

Something that we found both novel and addictive in Siem Reap were Ice Cream Rolls. Coming in a variety of flavours and available all around the night market area, possibly the coolest thing about these was to watch them being made! The vendor would mix fruit or chocolate with sugar and cream, then pour the mixture into a freezing cold metal surface. Then the vendor would ‘cut’ the cream and fruit until it was all a slushy pile in the middle of the frozen plate. After this it would be spread out very thinly and rolled into very thin tubes.

It was absolutely delicious and very impressive, naturally we couldn’t resist taking a video of a vendor at work!


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  1. That’s fascinating to watch! Who even needs an ice cream maker when you can have that?


    1. It was absolutely hypnotic to watch! We ended up eating way too many of them.


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