Vietnamese food – our top 5!

Even before we crossed the border into Vietnam from Cambodia we were excited about the food! If I’m brutally honest, Cambodian food isn’t great – so having some amazing and varied cuisine to look forward to was great! Here are our top 5 picks of Vietnamese food.

1. Pho
Otherwise known as Vietnams national dish – some people refer to it as the soup that built the nation. Pho Bo is the classic serving (that means beef pho) it is a noodle soup with a simple beef and vegetable broth, on the side you are served a variety of herbs, onions and chillis to customise your dish. It is absolutely addictive, on more than one occasion we found ourselves having Pho for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Bun Cha
We were reccomended Bun Cha by a friend in Hanoi, this simple lunchtime dish is a sweet pork based soup. It is usually served, like pho, with herbs, salad, chilli, garlic and also noodles on the side for you to add to taste. Like Pho is is addictive. We found ourselves being a little too liberal with our garlic servings and finding it hard to talk to (or breathe in the general direction) of other people for a while.

3. Salad Rolls
So these aren’t exactly unfamiliar, but, we were really taken by these ultra healthy versions of spring rolls! Instead of being deep fried you get to enjoy the freshness of the vegetables and feel way better about ordering them!

4. Egg Coffee
This should go down in a category of its own – not exactly food, not exactly drink – but amazing none the less!! Vietnamese coffee is dripped through whisked egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar. It’s so thick that you need a spoon to eat it!

5. Ban Mi
No list of Vietnamese snacks would be complete without mentioning Ban Mi! Fresh baguettes stuffed with a variety of vegetables, meat, cheese and often some hot sauce make this a damn good sandwich! The fact it only costs 20 – 50,000vnd and is available on pretty much every street makes it even better.

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