Travel Nightmares! Cockroaches and busses in Cambodia.

During our time on the road, Sarah and I have had some interesting experiences, some great, some awful. Nothing, however, could have prepared us for what we experienced on the way from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on an overnight bus. Here is what happened. ┬áIn a hurry to get to Phnom Penh with enough…

Schwartz, the best sandwich in Montreal!

Located on Le Plateau in Montreal, Schwartz deli has been serving up the best sandwich in Montreal for years!

Taking The Mersey Ferry

A little while back we took a great day trip to Liverpool, and as you might know, a great thing for any day tripper is to take The Mersey Ferry. It runs every hour and gives you a great view of the city. We took this little video of our trip!