Schwartz, the best sandwich in Montreal!

I have been told that in Montreal there are quite a few culinary experiences to savour, from the incredible bakeries to the trendy restaurants around the town. However, the one experience I was looking forward to the most was the Schwartz Sandwich!

Schwartz’s Deli is located on Le Plateau and was owned by Celine Dior’s late husband. The place is so well known it has legions of loyal fans, a stack of merchandise and even a musical based on it! The most famous thing about it, however, is its legendary Sandwich; three slices of bread, mustard and a mountain of salt beef. It is a thing of beauty.

We arrived early to beat the queue that forms almost as soon as it opens, only to find  a line of people already waiting in the brisk fall morning. Seeing that the line was already stretching some way down the street we opted to have a wander for a little while and see if it would die down later in the day.

That afternoon we returned, hoping to see that line had reduced, only to find it was longer than before! This is when I noticed that there was a separate door for takeout only orders at the deli counter – with no line. We went in to order and found a simple seating area and a counter to order. Going for the obvious and getting two Schwartz sandwiches we grabbed a seat and dug in. I don’t think that I have ever seen as much meat in one place as I saw on my meal, it was bursting at the seams with Salt beef, and tasted incredible. The real melt in your mouth kind of beef which one gets so rarely.

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After consuming every last crumb it was reluctantly that we got up to leave. The only thing stopping us ordering seconds was the size of the first portion.  Considering that it is only $10 I think that without a doubt that it’s fair to say; Schwartz, the best sandwich in Montreal!

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