The Panathenaic Stadium

Greece is the home of the Olympic games both ancient and modern. A trip to Athens is not complete without checking out the Panathenaic Stadium, an ancient site that was rebuild in the late 1800’s to play host to the first modern Olympics.

The stadium has a long history, having been build in 330BC for athletic games. Walking around the site you get a real sense of this history, there are helpful display boards set around the stands to help you to learn about the different lives the stadium has lived.

Climbing the narrow stairs in the stands can be a little daunting, on a hot day there is also very little shade, however, once at the top the view makes up for it. At ground level you can follow in the footsteps of ancient and modern athletes by running the circuit. There is also a tunnel which leads to an Olympic museum filled with posters, pictures and interesting material on the games.

A hat and sunscreen are essential because of how exposed the site is. You can take as little or as long as you want when visiting, my favourite thing to do was to sit at the top of the stands and watch the world go by.

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