The Temple of Aphaia

About an hour long hike from the town of Agia Marina on the isle of Aegina (also known as Egina) is the temple of Aphaia. Now that’s a lot of A’s.

The temple is an ancient sanctuary site which is thought to date back to 570BC, most of it lays in ruin, however, there are still columns and parts of a roof remaining. It sits spectacularly on the top of a hill on the island and is said to have been built to form a triangle with two temples on the mainland.

The temple 2

The view of the island from the temples hilltop perch is nothing short of breathtaking as you can see the rolling valleys of Aegina with its many monasteries, jagged coastline and pistachio trees.

For thirsty hikers there are also a few small cafes about ten minutes away from the site, perfect to refuel for the walk back down to town.

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