Harry’s Cafe De Wheels

Sitting proudly in Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney, is one of Australia’s most famous and enduring culinary institutions. It is none other that the world famous Harry’s Cafe de Wheels.

This pie van has been sitting in it’s spot for over 70 years serving classic Australian pies, hotdogs and pasties to hungry Sydneysiders.

The unique name comes from the 1940’s when owner Harry Edwards had to obey a ruling from the district council which stated that all food caravans had to move at least 12 inches a day – dutifully following the rules Harry added ‘Cafe de Wheels’ to the name and moved the caravan it’s 12 inches every day.

Harry's Cafe De Wheels

These days the Cafe de Wheels is in name only as the famous pie van has been cemented to the ground for many years. True enthusiasts will try the ‘Tiger’ which is a true monster of a lean beef pie served with mash, peas and gravy.

Anyone visiting Sydney should definitely try this institution and take a second to take a look at the many famous faces that have stuffed themselves over the years!


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