Battambang – a flying visit.

The colonial city of Battambang was high on our list in Cambodia to visit. The old world architecture and riverside sleepy town vibe described in travel guides had been greatly appealing. Unfortunately, we only had one spare night to make this visit so knew we would have to be pretty organised. We took the earliest … Continue reading Battambang – a flying visit.

Egg Coffee! Trust us, just try it.

Egg Coffee was something we were introduced to in Hanoi, it quickly became one of our favourite things to enjoy on a lazy morning! Not exactly food, not exactly drink - but amazing none the less!! Vietnamese coffee is dripped through whisked egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar. It's so thick that you need a … Continue reading Egg Coffee! Trust us, just try it.

Hanoi – The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

Founding father of modern day Vietnam Ho Chi Minh is regarded as a hero by most Vietnamese. He spent his life fighting for an independent Vietnam, but died before this was realised. In the centre of Hanoi there stands an impressive monument to him. The Ho Cho Minh mausoleum is a huge stone structure where … Continue reading Hanoi – The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

Vietnamese food – our top 5!

Even before we crossed the border into Vietnam from Cambodia we were excited about the food! If I'm brutally honest, Cambodian food isn't great - so having some amazing and varied cuisine to look forward to was great! Here are our top 5 picks of Vietnamese food. 1. Pho Otherwise known as Vietnams national dish … Continue reading Vietnamese food – our top 5!

The most dangerous fun you can have for $5 – the bamboo train!

A fifteen minute Tuk Tuk ride from Battambang city centre there is one of the more infamous backpacker attractions in Cambodia. It is quirky, fun, and naturally in no way complies with anything close to a health and safety regulation. It is the Bamboo Train. The train consists of small bamboo 'carriages' which are powered … Continue reading The most dangerous fun you can have for $5 – the bamboo train!

45 minutes in Tokyo, making the most of a quick change.

Long haul flying sucks, it really does... Once you have figured out the in flight entertainment, hopefully had some kind of vaguely edible food and if you are lucky had at least 5 minutes shut eye then there's not much else to do other than desperately wish you could get off the plane! This is … Continue reading 45 minutes in Tokyo, making the most of a quick change.