Taking The Mersey Ferry

A little while back we took a great day trip to Liverpool, and as you might know, a great thing for any day tripper is to take The Mersey Ferry. It runs every hour and gives you a great view of the city. We took this little video of our trip! Advertisements

Landmines, Cambodia’s deadly past

Filmed in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Landmines have left an enduring mark on Cambodia, and continue to do damage. The Cambodian War Remnant Museum in Siem Reap educates people on the causes and effects of landmines in the country.

Speeding across the Mersey

Perhaps one of the most famous ferries in the world, The Mersey Ferry leaves from Liverpool docks every hour. The tickets are a little steep at £10 for an adult, but it’s a piece of history and a view you can’t afford to miss when visiting Liverpool! The whole trip takes about an hour, and…