The Gili Islands

A two hour ferry ride away from the madness and traffic that is Bali lie some of the most beautiful small islands that we have ever come across. Rising gently out of the sea these three small sandy islands Gili Air, Meno and T are almost completely flat and sit just off the coast of … Continue reading The Gili Islands

Diving in Flores

With the staggering beauty of Batu Bolong or the exhilarating drift of Manta Point, we found that by far our favourite diving of South East Asia so far was in and around the Komodo national park. We dived with Blue Marlin divers who had an amazingly equipped speed boat and some of the friendliest instructors … Continue reading Diving in Flores

Cooking with Maria – A Balinese masterclass

After traveling for a month and a half in South East Asia something we had found ourselves missing enormously was being able to cook for ourselves. It's not something you really think about before you go away but eating out every day really does get tiring - exciting as it is to try different kinds … Continue reading Cooking with Maria – A Balinese masterclass

Yogyakarta – the Water Palace and Kraton

Marked out on most tourist maps of Yogyakarta is the Kraton and the temptingly titled Water Palace. The descriptions boast the area to be a walled city within a city, housing many historical areas of interest and administrative buildings. Excited by the sound of this we made our way over to the Kraton, which, as … Continue reading Yogyakarta – the Water Palace and Kraton

Making friends and seeing some cool sights in Matram

After an incredible week on the Gili Islands we found ourselves in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. This was a place we had planned to spending roughly two nights and then to move on. These plans however got a little ruined by a fever I picked up which left us stuck there while I recovered. … Continue reading Making friends and seeing some cool sights in Matram