Surfing in Kuta!

Something that we had to try while staying in Bali was surfing! We were saying near the famous Kuta beach for a few days and it would have been rude to not grab a board and try to catch a wave! However, neither of us knew how to surf... I had actually been a little … Continue reading Surfing in Kuta!


Diving in Bali, the USS Liberty

Since gaining our PADI advanced open water advanced open water certifications we have been keen to dive in as many places as possible! One of our favourite locations so far has been the USS Liberty just off Bali, a WW2 battleship sunk by a Japanese torpedo the Liberty has sat at the bottom of the … Continue reading Diving in Bali, the USS Liberty

Indonesian food, our top 5

After a month of gorging ourselves in Thailand and Malaysia we moved on to Indonesia an were excited to see what was on offer! Here are our top 5 favourites; Nasi Goering A mix of fried rice and vegetables combined with a fried egg on top makes the perfect breakfast food in this part of … Continue reading Indonesian food, our top 5

Snorkelling around Gili Meno

Sicnce gaining our open water and advanced open water PADI's we have developed a great love of being in the water and exploring underneath it! Unfortunately, Scuba diving is not a cheap hobby, however, if you have a snorkel, some flippers and some advice on where to find a good reef then snorkelling can be … Continue reading Snorkelling around Gili Meno

Bright colours and street art in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is an interesting city to land in, a little chaotic and a lot to take in! One thing that was very striking about the city is the amount of street art there is, so many back streets are filled with vibrant murals. We couldn't resist taking a few hours out of our day to … Continue reading Bright colours and street art in Yogyakarta