Budget hotels in KL, our cautionary tale!

Booking a hotel in a new city can have its challenges; you don't know the area, you're not entirely sure of how much things should cost, and you generally are just a little unsure of the what to expect. It's fairly straightforward to overcome these challenges with the easy access to online booking sights, reviews … Continue reading Budget hotels in KL, our cautionary tale!

The Cameron Highlands

Standing at around 1524m above sea level with a constantly cool climate the Cameron Highlands are one of Malaysia's most stunning locations. It's a region filled with tea plantations, strawberry, honey, and butterfly farms set high above dense jungle. Getting there is easy but takes some time, a bus from Penang costs around 43rm or … Continue reading The Cameron Highlands

Thosai, our new favourite breakfast!

After being in Malaysia for a few days we noticed the great amount of Indian food that there was! This pas particularly noticeable in Penang with its little India and in Thani Rata with a street filled with Indian food sellers - it was great! This led us to discover our new favourite breakfast snack … Continue reading Thosai, our new favourite breakfast!