Amsterdam street food: Herring

Walking near Amsterdam central station we noticed a couple of street food vans by the canal. They were selling Herring, lightly salted and kept in brine, but essentially raw which has apparently been a Dutch tradition for over 600 years.  I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to try this at first, but remembering how … Continue reading Amsterdam street food: Herring

fast food, Dutch style: FEBO

Something that I had been looking forward to experiencing in Amsterdam, after procrastinating at work and looking at endless lists of things to do, was some Dutch fast food. After seeing lots of pictures of chips and herring I saw a Febo pop up, a picture showed a wall of old fashioned looking vending machines filled … Continue reading fast food, Dutch style: FEBO

little gems; the Amsterdam tulip museum

Across the canal from the Anne Frank Huis on Prinsengracht, there is a small nicely decorated shop front filled with flowers - this is the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. At first glance it simply looks like a large flower shop as apart from the sign outside there isn't much evidence of a museum. The ground floor sells a variety of … Continue reading little gems; the Amsterdam tulip museum