Penang Hill

Towering over Penang and often surrounded by a mysterious looking mist is Penang Hill. Roughly 750m above sea level at the summit the hill it is dramatically cooler at the top than in the sweaty streets of Georgetown! The British exploited the cooler climate near the top and built houses around the hill to escape … Continue reading Penang Hill

Penang Museum

Just across the road from Penang's high court building is the Penang museum. It's based in a large old Victorian era building and houses a number of interesting artefacts from various points in the history of the city. Outside the museum is a replica of a funicular carriage from Penang Hill along with a replica … Continue reading Penang Museum

Thosai, our new favourite breakfast!

After being in Malaysia for a few days we noticed the great amount of Indian food that there was! This pas particularly noticeable in Penang with its little India and in Thani Rata with a street filled with Indian food sellers - it was great! This led us to discover our new favourite breakfast snack … Continue reading Thosai, our new favourite breakfast!

Coffee Shops – Penang’s communal dining rooms!

The coffee shops of Penang are legendary. They serve as great communal eating spaces, where many people can come together to share the amazing food on offer. At first the format of service at the coffee shops of the city can be a little confusing, but you quickly get used to it. You start by … Continue reading Coffee Shops – Penang’s communal dining rooms!

5 must eats in Penang!

Known as Malaysia's capital of food Penang is a must go to foodie destination! Here are some of our favourite dishes! Cendol This traditional Malaysian desert is made out of red beans, pea flower strands and shaved ice, tossed in palm sugar syrup and sprinkled with more sugar. It is very sweet and after getting … Continue reading 5 must eats in Penang!