Muay Thai

Thai boxing is a sport that I have always been aware of - it's something you cannot escape being aware of in Thailand with it seemingly being on television 24/7. It is, however, something neither Sarah or I paid too much attention to. This was until we were in Chiang Mai and after spending a … Continue reading Muay Thai

Thai food, our top 5

Thai food is addictive - seriously addictive. Here are some of our favourite dishes that we took great pleasure devouring on this trip! Pad Thai One of our absolute staple favourite Thai foods was Pad Thai - the combination of crunchy vegetables and peanuts along with tofu and noodles made it either a great quick … Continue reading Thai food, our top 5

Favourites! Yin Yang, Ko Tao

After wandering for a couple of hours on our first night in Ko Tao looking for food we found the Yin Yang restaurant. This fairly low key place offers popular Thai dishes and a range of fresh teas, fruit shakes and beers. It quickly became our favourite place on the island because of its delicious … Continue reading Favourites! Yin Yang, Ko Tao