Ko Tao, the animals of the island

Something that is quite quickly noticeable about Ko Tao is the amount of animals wandering around. Unlike Bangkok they don't seem wary of humans and do not look like they are unwell - unlike Bangkok they also don't look quite as scary. There are so many cats and dogs roaming freely around the island it's … Continue reading Ko Tao, the animals of the island

Ko Tao

Thought of as the baby of Ko Samui and Ko Pangan, Ko Tao is a stunning tiny little island in the south of Thailand! It's famous for diving and is where we have chosen to come and get out PADI's (diving license). Getting a night train to Chumpon from Bangkok at 7:30pm we connected with … Continue reading Ko Tao

Favourites! Yin Yang, Ko Tao

After wandering for a couple of hours on our first night in Ko Tao looking for food we found the Yin Yang restaurant. This fairly low key place offers popular Thai dishes and a range of fresh teas, fruit shakes and beers. It quickly became our favourite place on the island because of its delicious … Continue reading Favourites! Yin Yang, Ko Tao

Bangkok canal boat tours – different, splashy and odly fun!

After our first day in Bangkok mainly spent wandering around Khao San Road and hiding from the biblical rain which showed us what monsoon season was made of, we decided to get out and do some exploring. We wandered to a small market place where we took a tuk tuk to the Royal Palace. Outside … Continue reading Bangkok canal boat tours – different, splashy and odly fun!

Street food, our first Thai taste…

Whether it's a plate of Pad Thai, a stick of sweet chilli beef or a coconut full of ice cream, nowhere seems to quite do street food like Thailand! Wandering the streets of any town or city in the country you seem to find a huge variety of stalls selling a variety of snacks and … Continue reading Street food, our first Thai taste…