Vietnamese food – our top 5!

Even before we crossed the border into Vietnam from Cambodia we were excited about the food! If I'm brutally honest, Cambodian food isn't great - so having some amazing and varied cuisine to look forward to was great! Here are our top 5 picks of Vietnamese food. 1. Pho Otherwise known as Vietnams national dish … Continue reading Vietnamese food – our top 5!

Thai food, our top 5

Thai food is addictive - seriously addictive. Here are some of our favourite dishes that we took great pleasure devouring on this trip! Pad Thai One of our absolute staple favourite Thai foods was Pad Thai - the combination of crunchy vegetables and peanuts along with tofu and noodles made it either a great quick … Continue reading Thai food, our top 5

Indonesian food, our top 5

After a month of gorging ourselves in Thailand and Malaysia we moved on to Indonesia an were excited to see what was on offer! Here are our top 5 favourites; Nasi Goering A mix of fried rice and vegetables combined with a fried egg on top makes the perfect breakfast food in this part of … Continue reading Indonesian food, our top 5

5 must eats in Penang!

Known as Malaysia's capital of food Penang is a must go to foodie destination! Here are some of our favourite dishes! Cendol This traditional Malaysian desert is made out of red beans, pea flower strands and shaved ice, tossed in palm sugar syrup and sprinkled with more sugar. It is very sweet and after getting … Continue reading 5 must eats in Penang!

Belgian food; some of our favourites!

1. Mussels! It's a nice thing to say you've had mussels in Brussels, it's even nicer to be actually having them! This Belgian classic is a must try when visiting! For around 18 euros you get an enormous portion with frites on the side with the choice of a variety of styles. I went for … Continue reading Belgian food; some of our favourites!

5 cheap snacks you have to try in Amsterdam

1. Croquettes from Febo There is nothing more convenient that buying crisp hot croquettes from a wall of vending machines, and for 1.80 - 2.20 they are some of the cheapest snacks in town!┬áHere is our story of finding Febo... 2. Herring from Stubbe Haring Herring is wildly popular in the Netherlands, try it as … Continue reading 5 cheap snacks you have to try in Amsterdam