The English Pug and The French Poodle

A statue in Montreal representing the distance between British and French Canadians.

Trying and almost failing to leave Belgium!

It was the last day of our weekend break. Sarah and I had booked a last minute cheap deal for a few days in Brussels, hoping to escape the forecast storms in Manchester. We had enjoyed it for the most part, a definite highlight was getting lost on the way back from Bruges and inadvertently traversing … Continue reading Trying and almost failing to leave Belgium!

Murals around Montreal

Walking around the streets of Montreal in Fall is a beautiful experience. There are some stunning views around La Plateau and Mount Royal is a tranquil oasis in the busy city. What makes the streets really pop, however, are the stunning murals painted on nearly every wall! They give the city an added layer of … Continue reading Murals around Montreal

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary – caring for elephants, not riding them!

Chiang in Thai means elephant. This means that Chiang Mai is quite obviously known as a city of elephants. When you visit it is very apparent that they are an enormous part of the tourist industry here, with virtually all of the tour operators and guesthouse a offering one kind of elephant experience or another. … Continue reading The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary – caring for elephants, not riding them!

Pad Thai!

One of our absolute staple favourite Thai foods was Pad Thai – the combination of crunchy vegetables and peanuts along with tofu and noodles made it either a great quick snack or a killer stand alone meal. Here is a great recipe we learned so you can make it in true Thai style! 100g rice … Continue reading Pad Thai!