Taking The Mersey Ferry

A little while back we took a great day trip to Liverpool, and as you might know, a great thing for any day tripper is to take The Mersey Ferry. It runs every hour and gives you a great view of the city. We took this little video of our trip!

Trying and almost failing to leave Belgium!

It was the last day of our weekend break. Sarah and I had booked a last minute cheap deal for a few days in Brussels, hoping to escape the forecast storms in Manchester. We had enjoyed it for the most part, a definite highlight was getting lost on the way back from Bruges and inadvertently traversing…

Murals around Montreal

Walking around the streets of Montreal in Fall is a beautiful experience. There are some stunning views around La Plateau and Mount Royal is a tranquil oasis in the busy city. What makes the streets really pop, however, are the stunning murals painted on nearly every wall! They give the city an added layer of…

Wats around the old town in Chiang Mai

All around the old town within the city walls in Chiang Mai there are stunning temples, whether you are looking for history or spirituality there is something to see. Here are some of our favourite pictures we took whilst exploring the temples of the old town.  

Our favourite Papaya Salad recipe!

Papaya salad is simple, healthy and absolutely delicious. It quickly became a favourite lunchtime snack of ours, and we were very happy to find out how easy it was to make!

Pad Thai!

One of our absolute staple favourite Thai foods was Pad Thai – the combination of crunchy vegetables and peanuts along with tofu and noodles made it either a great quick snack or a killer stand alone meal. Here is a great recipe we learned so you can make it in true Thai style! 100g rice…