5 cheap snacks you have to try in Amsterdam

1. Croquettes from Febo There is nothing more convenient that buying crisp hot croquettes from a wall of vending machines, and for 1.80 - 2.20 they are some of the cheapest snacks in town! Here is our story of finding Febo... 2. Herring from Stubbe Haring Herring is wildly popular in the Netherlands, try it as … Continue reading 5 cheap snacks you have to try in Amsterdam

fast food, Dutch style: FEBO

Something that I had been looking forward to experiencing in Amsterdam, after procrastinating at work and looking at endless lists of things to do, was some Dutch fast food. After seeing lots of pictures of chips and herring I saw a Febo pop up, a picture showed a wall of old fashioned looking vending machines filled … Continue reading fast food, Dutch style: FEBO